Fake school substitute impersonated mom

Fake school substitute impersonated mom

She tried to substitute for the substitute but an alert building secretary and principal at a Waterford elementary school smelled a fraud after a young woman showed up Monday to teach a class of fifth graders while claiming to be her own mother, police and school officials said. to Riverside Elementary School for the “complaint of a female impersonating a substitute teacher” and when one officer questioned her, “she produced identification of the real substitute who is the suspect’s mother,” Waterford Deputy Chief Jeff James said.

Police soon determined that the 24 year old would be sub from Flint was not her 44 year old mother an approved substitute, expected that day and so they hauled the younger woman off to the station, James said in a news release.

At first, fake ids the daughter claimed that she and her mother agreed to the impersonation “because the mother had a prior appointment she did not want to miss.”

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But officers soon noted that an older woman matching mom’s description was parked right outside their building, James said.

After escorting her into the station, the older woman confessed that she was the phony sub’s mom, and “both mother and daughter admitted to investigators that the reason for committing the fraud was strictly for monetary reasons,” he said.

Both were arrested and sent to Oakland County Jail while prosecutors decide what charges they will face. Police did not release their names while awaiting arraignments.

In a letter sent home to all parents, scannable fake id Riverside Elementary Principal Suzanne Grambush said “the guest teacher” presented her driver’s license to get into the school, “was in the classroom for approximately 10 minutes along with an additional support staff member, took attendance, and sent the students to their PE (physical education) class,” after which the principal visited the classroom “to meet the substitute,” she said in the letter.

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“When I noticed she did not have her badge clearly displayed, scannable fake id she became agitated and left the building, only to return a short time later” just as police arrived to question her, Grambush said in the letter.

“We have confirmed that the woman in attendance this morning has no criminal record and it appears her intent was to earn wages under her mother’s name,” Grambush said. The woman’s mother is “a legitimate guest teacher” supplied by the private school staffing firm EduStaff, the letter said.

But that mom won’t be teaching again anytime soon, at least not for EduStaff.

In a written statement, idemperor.com EduStaff Regional Director Brian Dunn said that the mother “has been removed from all current and future assignments” while she is being investigated.

Added Clark Galloway, president of the firm that supplies subs to more than 150 Michigan school districts: “We have never experienced an impersonation of one of our substitutes before.”.

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